How to buy

All online stores operate in a very similar way. However, so that there is not any doubt, we explain the steps of the buying process.

1. Select the product you want by clicking on it.

2. Once inside on the item card, choose the features you want from it: color, size, quantity, etc.

3. When you have chosen your product, add it to your shopping cart. There it will be kept until the purchase is complete.You can add more products using the same steps above.

4. When you decide you want to checkout, check that everything is correct (sizes, quantities, colors,...) and confirm your summary of the order. That way you will start the purchase process. If not you have registered previously, you will be asked to enter some data so that we can identify you, then select the delivery address and form of payment.

Note: If it is the first time you register, you will receive a confirmation email. Otherwise, you will only have to enter your data and password and access your account.

6 Payment: you can choose to pay by bank transfer, card or Paypal.

If you choose to transfer, please note that it will take a couple of business days to receive the income and, until then, we cannot begin to process your order. You can send (by e-mail or fax) a proof of the transfer so that we can begin to deal with it as soon as possible. If instead we receive payment immediately by card or Paypal, we will start working with your order inmediatly.

7. Check that you have received an email confirmation of the purchase.

8. Wait for the order at the written address.

If for any reason any error occurs with the order confirmation, please contact directly with us, as soon as possible, to make any changes or explain the problem.