Equipment and customization

At Isance we are manufacturers, so we have always kept a working line adapted to the needs of professional teams in the world of Dance and Fitness. In recent years we have driven this advantage even further, by entering the technology of sublimation for our garments. We now have at our disposal all the colors and designs you can imagine, keeping as a base the best quality stretch fabrics.

Create your own kit. 

All our new items are being designed with the capacity to be customized, having different areas where we foresee the logo of your gym or team name. Here you can see an example of one of our designs for sublimation:

Maillot de ciclismo con opciones de personalizaciónEl gran equipo Becycling con su equipación a medida

Requirements to create an equipment kit:

-Ordering 10 pieces of the same model.

-Providing the vectorized logo *.

 * If you do not have the vectorized logo, a plus for the treatment and redesign of it is added. 

How to request a customized kit?

For this we need to get in touch with you, so that at all times the resulting garments are just what you desire. We will ensure that you come out happy with them.

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Advanced customization.

Want to go further and create a totally unique garment? Do you have ideas in mind that you want to capture in your new dance dress or gym set? If you can imagine, we can make it happen. Contact us for your questions and proposals for advanced customization jobs.

Academia Elena Ruso - El Lago de los Cisnes

Dance equipment for the Swan Lake representation - thanks to Academia Elena Ruso

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