Professional advantages

In Isance we've always thought that professionals were the key to the distribution of our products. For years our relationship has been based on commercial distribution standards. With this new initiative, through this website, we intent to increase the flexibility to meet your needs, as well as creating a more effective communication channel, so that we can always offer the best clothes and the best price.

From Isance we wish to make your businesses more profitable and more dynamic by offering the following advantages:
Exclusive offers and promotions for proffesionals
Access to eventual outlets because of product liquidations
Automatic updates of the catalogues 
Quick and prioritary shipping
Access to special payment conditions
Automatic refunds management
Direct communication with the factory for special orders 
Exclusive promotional product packs
Personalized discounts for large orders
Free shipping for large quantities 


In order to enjoy these advantages, you will need to register as a professional and wait until we have confirmed the profile change has been activated, after having checked that you have the credentials needed.