Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to buy an
In Isance we want you to feel safe about buying our products. For this reason we have secure payment systems for purchases, which protect your information so that you don't have to worry about anything.
How's the products quality?
Doing always our best is the root of our philosophy and values since our inception. For this reason we have incorporated the latest technology in the textile sector to offer the highest qualityWe are proud to be able to guarantee the quality of our fabric, our clothing and our designs. Try them, they won't disappoint you!
What do I need to be registered as a professional?
If you want to register as a professional, you will need to fill out the registration form and then send us the IAE certifying you as a professional (or any other credentials from your country). Thereafter you can benefit from all the advantages and discounts for professionals.
What is the difference between the professional account and the particular one?
Isance gives you the option of registering as a professional and a private individual. The difference between both is that practitioners will enjoy exclusive offers, as well as distributor price offers, since they are professionally devoted to sport and the redistribution of our products.
How can I tell if I have successfully made my purchase?
After completing the purchase you will know if it has been correctly accessing your email address, where we will send an confirmation e-mail. You can also verify it by entering your customer panel. If there is an error with your order, you would be notified by email.
Can I change or return items?
Isance items may be returned within a period of 7 days from the date of delivery. To make the return you will need to send an email to, indicating the reason for the return. The package must be received by Isance in the following 7 working days upon receipt of the email (up to 15 days after the receipt of the package). Shipping costs shall be taken care by the customer.
Can I change a garment if it isn't in my size?
In Isance we want you to feel comfortable with the products you buy. Of course, there will be no problem to change a garment that is not of your size. Send it to us and we will send you another more appropriate. Contact with us to know the procedure details. 
Is it possible to receive shipping to a different address?
It is possible to receive the shipment at an address other than your own. Simply use the option "add new address" at the buying process, and select another one for that shipment.
Do long does it take to get my order?
The estimate time of the shipping process may vary between 2 and 10 days. It does not depend from us but from the shipping company.
Are the shipping fees included in the price of the products?
Unless your order gets over certain amount (that amount depends on the destiny of the order), the shipping costs will be added to your order and not included in the product prices. 
*IMPORTANT NOTE: the shipping price that appears in the shopping cart is not the definitive one unless you've confirmed your order and registered an adress. If you have not logged in with your account or have yet to register an adress, the shipping fees will be the default ones, not the real ones.